Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar
University of Cincinnati
October 4 - 6, 2002

Lecture Schedule

Friday, 4 October

3:00Jerrold Marsden, California Institute of Technology
Variational Integrators
4:15Bruce Kitchens
Rigidity of zero-entropy Zd algebraic actions

Saturday, 5 October

9:00Shane Ross, California Institute of Technology
Resonance Overlap and Transport in the Restricted Three-Body Problem
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Chris McCord, University of Cincinnati
Saari's conjecture for three equal masses
1:30John Franks, Northwestern University
Periodic Points of Hamiltonian Surface Diffeomorphisms
2:30Ernesto Perez-Chavela, UAM
Stability of Relative Equilibria in some Mechanical Systems
3:30Coffee Break
4:00Dick Hall, Boston University
Co-orbital Solutions of the Three Body Problem

Sunday, 6 October

9:30Diana Thomas, Montclair State University
A Characterization for the Length of Cycles of N-number Ducci Games
11:00Mark Roberts, University of Surrey
Stability of Hamiltonian Relative Equilibria

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