Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar
October 22 - 24, 2004
University of Cincinnati

Lecture Schedule

Last Updated 16 October 2004

Please note that the locations of the talks will vary.  The Mathematics Department is located in the Old Chemistry Building.  

Braunstein Hall is the building due west of the Old Chemistry Building, and Swift Hall is immediately south of Old Chemistry. When in doubt, go to the Kade Center on the 7th floor of Old Chemistry.  Click here for directions.

Friday, 22 October  Talks in 300 Braunstein

3:00Christopher Pawlowski, United States Environmental Protection Agency
Stability and other ecological properties
4:00Coffee in Kade Center, 7th floor, Old Chemistry Building
4:30Judy Kennedy, University of Delaware
Inverse limits and an implicitly defined difference equation from economics

Saturday, 23 October  Talks in 808 Swift Hall

8:30Coffee in Kade Center, 7th floor, Old Chemistry Building
9:00 Dan Look, Boston University
The escape trichotomy for singularly perturbed rational maps
10:15 Phil Boyland, University of Florida
Fluid dynamical systems
11:30 Mario Medina, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa
Application of symbolic dynamics to some four body problems
2:30 Bob Devaney, Boston University
McMullen domains, Sierpinski holes and buried baby Mandelbrot sets
3:30Coffee in Kade Center, 7th floor, Old Chemistry Building
4:00Michal Misiurewicz, IUPUI
Ergodic natural measures
6:30Party at Pat McSwiggen's house

Sunday, 6 October  Talks in 527 Old Chemistry Building

8:30Coffee in Kade Center, 7th floor, Old Chemistry Building
9:00Radu Saghin, Northwestern University
Partial hyperbolicty and elliptic points for C1 generic symplectic diffeomorphisms
10:15 Bob Williams, University of Texas
3D continued fractions and positive matrices in dimension 3

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