Lecture Schedule
Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar
April 2 - 4, 2004
The University of Michigan
Friday April 2
3:00 Kamlesh Parwani, Northwestern University
Actions of SL(n,Z) on spheres
4:00 Jeff Xia, Northwestern University
Action-minimizing periodic and quasi-periodic solutions of the n-body problem
Saturday April 3,
8:30Breakfast munchies
9:00 Rick Moeckel, University of Minnesota
10:00 James Montaldi, University of Manchester
Stability of systems of point vortices on the sphere
11:00 Jim Yorke, University of Maryland at College Park
On area-preserving maps
1:30 Anthony Bloch, University of Michigan
Nonholonomic mechanics -- a generalization of Hamiltonian mechanics
2:30 Dan Koditschek, University of Michigan
On dynamical system modeling in robotics
3:45 Dieter Schmidt, University of Cincinnati
Variational equations of elliptic periodic solutions of the N-body problem
4:45 George Sell, University of Minnesota
Bifurcation theories for non-autonomous systems
7:00 Dinner Party in honor of Ken Meyer
Sunday April 4
9:00Breakfast munchies
9:30 Todd Fisher, Northwestern University
The structure of hyperbolic sets
10:30 Robert Easton, University of Colorado
Economics: What good is a model?