Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar April 1-3 2005
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus


Marshall Hampton
Richard Moeckel


The talks will be held in Vincent Hall room 16 (on the basement level).

Friday, April 1st:

3:30 Manuele Santoprete (UC Irvine), Linear stability of the Lagrangian triangle solutions for quasihomogeneous potentials.
4:15 Coffee
5:00 Richard Montgomery
(UC Santa Cruz), Fitting hyperbolic pants to a 3-body problem

Saturday, April 2nd:

8:30 Coffee and refreshments
9:00 Leo Butler (Queen's U.), Invariant fibrations and geodesic flows
10:00 James Meiss (U. Colorado, Boulder), Codes for rotational orbits of the area-preserving Henon map
11:00 Break
11:15 Matt Salomone (Northwestern U.), Constructing N-body action minimizers
12:15 - 2 Lunch
2:00 Mark Demers (Georgia Tech), Markov extensions for some dynamical systems with holes
3:00 Joel Robbin (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison), The Moduli space of a Morse Smale flow
4:00 Break
4:15 Marian Gidea (Northeastern Illinois U.), Topological methods for instability and diffusion in Hamiltonian systems

Sunday, April 3rd:

9:00 Coffee
9:30 Hassan Aref (Virginia Tech), The three-vortex problem and its ramifications
10:30 Youngna Choi (Montclair State U.), Topology of Attractors from Two-Piece Expanding Maps

There will be a party on Saturday evening at 7 pm.


The National Science Foundation and the University of Minnesota Mathematics Department.


There is no registration fee, however it would be helpful if you inform the organizers that you plan to attend.