Past Research Program Speakers of the Midwest Probability Colloquium

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Note: The first person of each year is the principal speaker

2023:   Pablo Ferrari          I.  Hidden Temperature in the KMP Model
                               II. Soliton Decomposition of the Zigzag Random Walk
        Sandra Cerrai          The Smoluchowski-Kramers Diffusion Approximation for Constrained Stochastic Wave Equation
        Sumit Mukerjee         Permutation Limits
        Arnab Senn             Some Results on Levy Spin Glasses

2022:   Robin Pemantle         I.  A Review of Negative Dependence
                               II. An Active Learning Approach to Graduate Applied Probability
        Tom Hutchcroft         Percolation on Finite Transitive Graphs
        Xin Sun                Random Modulus of the Brownian Annulus and the Ghost CFT
        Dapeng Zhan            Boundary Green's Function and Minkowski Content for SLE

2020:   Sylvia Serfaty         Microscopic Description of Coulomb-type Systemns (I & II)
        Ivan Corwin            Johansson's Conjecture is False on a Set of Times of Hausdorff Dimension 2/3
        J.-Christophe Mourrat  Mean-field Spin Glasses: Beyond Parisi's Formula?
        Will Perkins           Analyticity for Classical Gasses via Recursion

2019:   Greg Lawler            I. Complex Gaussian Fields and (Brownian Motion and Random Walk) Loop Soups
                               II. Brownian Loops, Multiple Radial Schramm-Loewner Evolution and Dyson Brownian Motion
        Louis-Pierre Arguin    Large Values of the Riemann Zeta Function in Short Intervals
        Jasmine Foo            Statistical Models of Cancer Evolution
        Janko Gravner          Long-range Bootstrip Percolation

2018:   Rick Kenyons           Limit Shapes for Height Models (I & II)
        Paul Bourgade          Random Matrices and Logarithmically Correlated Fields
        Firas Rassoul-Agha     Shifted Weights and Restricted-Length Path in First-Passage Percolation
        Tianyi Zheng           Random Walks on Groups of Intermediate Volume Growth

2017:   Ruth Williams          Reflected Diffusions, Stochastic Network and Biology (I & II)
        Wei-Kuo Chen           Energy Landscape of Mean Field Spin Glass
        Xin Guo                How Much Aggregation Is Too Much: Play mean Field Game Through Several Examples
        Nike Sun               Phase Transitions in Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems

2016:   Scott Sheffeild        Universal Randomness in 2D (I & II)
        Alan Hammond           Brownian Regularity for the Airy Line Ensemble
        Miranda Holmes-Cerfon  Stchastic Processes With Constraints as Models in Materials Science
        Andrea Montanari       Semidefinite Programs on Spars Random Graphs

2015:   Marek Biskup           Extreme Values of 2D Gaussian Free Fields (I & II)
        Masha Gordina          Stochastic Analysis and Geometric Functional Inequalities
        Eyal Lubetzky          Random Walks on the Random Graph
        Marcel Nutz            Martingale Optimal Transport

2014:   Davar Khoshnevisan     I.  Nonlinear Noise Excitation.
                               II. Internittency & Multifractability
        Omer Angel             Planar Unimodular Graphs
Kay Kirkpatrick        Non-normal Asymptotics of Mean-field Spin Models     
        Laurent Saloff-Coste   Random Walks on Finitely Generated Solvable Group

2013:   Martin Barlow           Random Walks and the Geometry of the Uniform Spanning Tree, I & II
        Lionel Levine          StabScalin Limit of the Abelian Sandpile
Dimitry Panchenko       Ultrametricity in Spin Glass Models

 2012:  Jeremy Quastel          The Kadar-Parisi-Zhang Equation and Its Universality Class , I & I
        Elizabeth Meckes       Projections of Probability Disstributions: A Measure Theoretical
                                Dvoretzky Theoremting!) of Ramsey R(3,k)

        Gennady Smorodnitsky    On the Existence of Paths Between Points in High Level Excursion
                                Sets of Gaussian Random Fields

2011:   Russell Lyons           Some Aspects of Determinantal Probability Measures, I & II
        Amarjit Budhiraja       Some Variational Formulas for Space-Time Brownian Motions
                                and Poisson Random Measures

Eric Carlen             Recent Progress in Mark Kac's Probabilistic Program in Kinetic Theory
        Elena Kosygina          Crossing Velocities of Random Walks in a Random Potential

2010:   Kurt Johansson         Non-colliding Brownian motions and random matrix theory, I & II
Sourav Chatterjee      The Large Deviation Principle for the Erdos-Renyi Random Graph
        Benedek Valko          Random tri-diagonal matrices, beta ensembles and random Schr�dinger operators

2009:   Joel Spencer            I.  78 Years (and Counting!) of Ramsey R(3,k)
                                II. Sieving a Needle From Lovasz's Exponential Haystac
        Maury Bramson          Stability Criteria and Applications for Load Balancing in Many-Server Queues
Sunder Sethuraman       Non-equilibrium Behaviors of a Tagged Particle in an Interacting Systems

2008:   Jean-Francois Le Gall   The Continuous Limit of Large Random Planar Graphs, I & II
Alexei Borodin          Growth of Random Surfaces
        Savas Dayanik           Sequential Change Detection and Identification Problems for Stochastic

2007:   Chris Burdzy            Branching Brownian Motion and Potential Theory in Euclidean Domains
                                   Reflected Brownian Motion
        Vladas Sidoravicius     Growth systems with columnar defects and the polymer pinning problem
        Eulalia Nualart         Potential Theory and Stochastic Heat Equations

2006:   Ofer Zeitouni         
Random Walks in Random Environments: Ergodic
                                   Properties, Homogenization, and Counterexamples, I & II
        Alexander Holroyd      Random Sorting
        Balint Virag          
Scaling Limits of Random Matrices

2005:   Robert Adler          
Random Fields on Manifolds, I & II
        Alice Guionett         Combinatorial Aspects of Large Random Matrices
        Marek Biskup          
Limit Theorems for Random Walks on Supercritical Percolation Clusters

2004:   Persi Diaconis        
Secrets of Stein's Methods Explained,  I & II
        Francesco Russo        Stochastic Calculus and Generalized Dirichlet Processes
        Zhenqing Chen          Boundary Trace of a Markov Processes

2003:   Gerard Ben Arous      
Aging in random landscapes, and dynamics of spin glasses, I & II
        Bruce Driver           
Heat equations on Loop Groups and 2-dimensional quantized Yang-Mills Equations
Jonathan Mattingly     The stochastically forced Navier-Stokes equation, ergodicity, mixing and scales

2002:   Oded Schramm         
 Scaling limits of two-dimensional statistical physics: percolation, uniform spanning
                                     trees and beyond
, I & II
        Amir Dembo             Late points and cover times
Fraydoun Rezakhanlon   Kinetic limits for interacting particle systems

2001:   Craig Tracy             The Universality of the distribution functions of random matrix theory, I & II
        Jan Rosinksi Infinitely divisible processes: representations, ergodicity and regularity of trajectories
       Qi-Man Shao Self-normalized limit theorems in probability and statistics

2000:   Richard Bass            Harnack inequalities: proofs and applications, I & II
        Magda Peligrad          Basic tools for weak-dependent sequences and their applications 
                                 to limit theorems      
        Timo Seppelainen        The Variational Coupling Method for Hydrodynamical Limits

1999:   Marc Yor                Some Aspects of Brownian Motion - New Developments, I & II
        Kenneth Alexander       Interface Roughness for Separated Phases        
        Wenbo Li                Small Deviations and/or Small Ball Probabilities

1998:   Ioannis Karatzas        Stochastic Models in Finance Theory, I & II
        H.T. Yau                Dirichlet Spaces in Statistical Mechanics
        Davar Koshvenasian      Multi-Parameter Brownian Motion

1997:   Tom Liggett             Stochastic Growth Models on Trees, I & II
        Robin Pemantle          Urn Schemes and Reinforced Random Walks, Old and New
        Richard Sowers          Some Probabilistic Aspects of Motion by Mean Curvature

1996:   David Nualart           Applications of Malliavin Calculus to the Regularity and
                                 Support of Probability Laws, I & II
        Michael Cranston        On Some Geometric Aspects of Stochastic Flows
        Uwe Einmahl             General Results on the Almost Sure Behavior of Increments of Partial Sums

1995:   Charles Newman          First-Passage Percolation-Random Geometry on Z^d, I & II
        David Griffeath         Threshold Growth Dynamics
        Claudia Neuhauser       A Spatial Competition Process

1994:   David Ruelle            Applications of the Ideas of Chaos, I & II
        Peter Baxendale         A Stochastic Hopf Bifurcation
        Carl Mueller            Travelling Waves for Stochastic PDE

1993:   Francois Ledrappier     Asymptotic Properties of Brownian Motion on Covers 
                                 of Compact Manifolds of Negative Curvature, I & II
        Rene Carmona            Large Time Asymptotics for Stochastic Parabolic Equations
        Yuval Peres             Capacity Applied to Random Walks and Multiple Points 
                                 for Brownian Motion

1992:   Harry Kesten            First and Last-passage Percolation, I & II
        Terry McConnell         Gambler's Ruin Revisited: Where Does a Random Walk Leave a Large Sphere?
        Steven Evans            Multiplicities of a Random Sausage

1991:   Rick Durrett            Particle Systems and Reaction-diffusion Equations, I & II
        Russell Lyons           Random Walks, Percolation and Random Labels on Trees
        Jennie Hansen           Limit Theorems for Random Combinatorial Structures

1990:   Michel Talagrand        A New Isoperimetric Inequality and the Supremum of 
                                 Some Canonical Processes, I & II
        Burgess Davis           Conditioned and Killed Brownian Motion in Domains of R^n
        Greg Lawler             Making Money From Fair Games

1989:   James Taylor            Fractal Analysis of Random Sets, I & II
        Phil Griffin            How Porus is the Graph of Brownian Motion?
        Boris Rozovskii         Diffusion Approximation to the Induction Equation of Kinetic Dynamo Theory

1988:   Donald Burkholder       On the Comparison and Control of Martingales, I & II
        Lawrence Gray           Cantor Set-valued Markov Processes
        Steven Lalley           Renewal Theorems in Symbolic Dynamics

1987:   Persi Diaconis          Random Walk with Reinforcement, I & II
        Alex de Acosta          Large Deviations for Vector-valued Functionals of a Markov Chain with
                                General State Space
        Krystoff Burdzy         Local Properties of Brownian Excursions

1986:   Edward Nelson           Stochastic Mechanics: Diffusions Critical for a Lagrangian, I & II
        Michael Aizenmann       Critical Behavior in Percolation and Related Models
        Ruth Williams           Reflected Brownian Motion in a Polyhedron

1985:   Ludwig Arnold           Lyapunov Xxponents of Stochastic Systems, I & II
        James Kuelbs            Some Limit Theorems with Maxima l Term Deleted
        Richard Bradley         The Central Limit Question for Strictly Stationary $\rho$-mixing 
                                Random Sequences

1984:   Davis Aldous            Probability Applications via the Poisson Clumping Heuristic, I & II
        Robert Van der Bei      Strong Markov Processes--Choosing an Appropriate Analytic/topological
        Michael Woodroofe       Very Weak Expansions for the Distributions of a Randomly Stopped Sum

1983:   Daniel Stroock          Some Applications of Stochastic Analysis I & II
        Thomas Kurtz            Limit Theorems for Population Processes via Embeddings in Random Measures
        Sandy Zabell            Statistical Curvature in Infinite Dimensions and the Orlicz Manifold of
                                Probability Measures

1982:   Theodore Harris         Stochastic Flows: A Partial Survey 
                                Some Types of Stochastic Flows: Incompressible, Rotation-free, Coalescing
        N. Etemadi              Some Old Results in Probability Revisited
        Michael Steele          Some Probability Problems Originating in Computer Science

1981:   John B. Walsh           Excursion Processes and the Markov Property of Local Time I & II
        Erhan Cinlar            Representations of Semimartinagle Markov Processes
        David Griffeath         Stalking the Critical Contact Process

1980:   S.R.S. Varadhan         Some Problems on Large Deviations and Applications I & II
        Stewart Ethier          On the Infinitely May Alleles Diffusion Model
        Maury Bramson           Application of the Feynman-Kac Formula to the Kolmogorov Equation

1979:   Joseph L. Doob          Potential Theory and Brownian Motion I & II
        Gilles Pisier           Random Fourier Series
        William Pruitt          One-sided Laws of the Iterated Logarithm

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