Past Tutorial Program Speakers of the Midwest Probability Colloquium


2017:    Two Themes in Dynamic Network Models: Critical Scaling Limits and Reinforcement Processes (Shankar Bhamidi)

2016:    Concentration of Random Matrices and Applications (Roman Vershynin)

2015:    Scaling Limits of Stochastic Networks (Kavita Ramanan)

2014:    Stein's Method: Distributional Approximation and Concentration of Measure (Larry Goldstein)

2013:    Random Walks on Groups (Steve Lalley and Francois LeDrappier)

2012:    Probability in Biomathematics (Steve Evans and David Steinsaltz)

2011:    Optimal Transportation (Karl-Theodor Sturm and Alessio Figalli)

2010:    Interesting Particle Systems (Timo Seppalainen and
Firas Rassoul-Agha)

2009:    Rough Path Theory (Terry Lyons and Tom Cass)

2008:    Fractional Brownian Motion (David Nualart and Fabrice Baudoin)

2007:    Hydrodynamical Limits (S.R.S.Varadhan and Jeremy Quastel)

2006:    Random Walks and Stochastic Loewner's Evolution (Greg Lawler and Scott Sheffield)

2005:    A Tuturial on Lipschitz-Killing Curvature and Weyl's Tube Formula (Robert Adler and Jonathan Taylor)

2004:    Random Matrices (Kenneth McLaughlin and Peter Miller)

2003:    Wavelets in Theoretical Statistics (Iain Johnstone and Cun-Hui Zhang)

2002:    Discrete Critical Processes (Yuval Perez and Bilant Virag)

2001:    Random Matrices (Janko Gravner and Jason Fulman)

2000:    Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (Jin Ma)


1998:    Stochastic Financial Models (Two-day workshop by Dilip Madan, Peter Carr, Marco Avellaneda, Costis Skiadis, and David Heath)

1997:    Conference on Probability, Analysis and Ergodic Theory, in honor of the retirement of Alexandra Bellow (Four-day conference by ten speakers)

1996:    Analysis on Path and Loop Spaces (Bruce Driver)

1995:    Weak Convergence and Large Deviations (R. S. Ellis and P. Dupuis)


1993:    Probabilistic Number Theory (Walter Phillips, P. Elliott, and A. Hildebrand)

1992:    Random Partitions (P. Diaconis, W. Ewens, and J. Pitman)

1991:    Stochastic Differential Geometry (Mark Pinsky and Elton P. Hsu)

1990:    Statistical Estimation (S. Csorgo and R. Z. Khasminksii)

1989:    Almost Everywhere Convergence and Diffusion Processes (Two week-long conferences)

1988:    Lyapunov Exponents: (Charles Newman, Peter Baxendale, W. Faris, S. Mohammed, V. Wihstutz, W. Klieman and E. Key)

1987:    Stochastic Analysis (Mark Freidlin, D. Dawson, and C. Bezuidenhout)

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