Geometry/Physics Seminar

Title: Framed Knots and Topological Strings
Speaker: Marcos Marino
Speaker Info: Harvard University
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There is increasing evidence that quantum group knot invariants can be reinterpreted in terms of open string Gromov-Witten invariants. In this talk I will describe recent results in this direction, and in particular how to incorporate the framing dependence of Chern-Simons theory. As a corollary, I will show that intersection numbers in the moduli space of Riemann surfaces can be obtained from simple computations of quantum group invariants
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2001
Time: 2:50pm
Where: Lunt 103
Contact Person: Prof. Eric Zaslow
Contact email: zaslow@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-467-6447
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