The Twenty-Fourth Midwest Probability Colloquium

Title: Late points and cover times
Speaker: Professor Amir Dembo
Speaker Info: Stanford University
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I shall outline the proof of Aldous's (1989) conjecture that it takes a simple random walk about $(N/\pi) \log N$ steps to hit all $N \gg 1$ points of a (large) planar lattice torus. Along the way, I shall provide the asymptotics of the amount of time needed for the Wiener sausage of radius $r \to 0$ to completely cover a smooth, compact, connected, two-dimensional, Riemannian manifold without boundary.

Fixing $0 A common theme is the `tree like' correlation structure of the occupation measure, used for a `multi-scale refinement' of the second moment method. This talk is based on joint works with Yuval Peres, Jay Rosen and Ofer Zeitouni.

Date: Friday, October 18, 2002
Time: 4:30pm
Where: Swift 107
Contact Person: Professor Mark Pinsky
Contact email: pinsky@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-491-5519
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