Interdisciplinary Seminar in Nonlinear Science

Title: Drool of lizard, heart of horse...what goes into fast protein folding?
Speaker: Stephen Hagen
Speaker Info: University of Florida
Brief Description:
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Experimentally observed rates for the spontaneous folding of small proteins span a range of many decades, from very slow (many seconds for some proteins) to very fast (a few microseconds for others). What physical properties of the polypeptide chain ultimately control the speed of protein folding? I will discuss how laser-based optical techniques allow us to trigger and probe fast events in protein folding, and how they provide insight into the physical contraints on this fundamentally important biological process.
Date: Friday, February 21, 2003
Time: 2:00PM
Where: Tech M416
Contact Person: Paul Umbanhowar
Contact email: umbanhowar@northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-467-7291
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