Mathematical Physics Seminar

Title: Flat Connections, braid groups and quantum groups
Speaker: Professor V. Toledano Laredo
Speaker Info: Univ. Paris VI
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I will review the construction of a flat connection D on the Cartan subalgebra of a complex, simple Lie algebra g with simple poles on the root hyperplanes and values in any finite-dimensional g-module. This connection, which was obtained in joint work with J. Millson, may be viewed as a generalisation of the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov connection to the case of configuration spaces of other Lie types.

I will then explain how the work of Drinfeld and Kohno on the monodromy of the KZ connection leads one to conjecture that the monodromy of D is described by Lusztig's quantum Weyl group operators and will outline the recent proof of this conjecture.

references :

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Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Time: 3:00pm
Where: Lunt 107
Contact Person: Boris Tsygan
Contact email: tsygan@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-467-6446
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