Interdisciplinary Seminar in Nonlinear Science

Title: Random billiards and diffusion
Speaker: Prof. Renato Feres
Speaker Info: Washington University, St. Louis
Brief Description:
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We introduce a class of one-dimensional random dynamical systems derived from billiard maps and study certain random walks on the real line derived from them. We then discuss the interplay between the billiard geometry and stochastic properties of the random system, as well as spectral properties of the associated Markov (scattering) operator. Based on numerical experiments, we also propose a conjectural description of how the billiard geometry affects the diffusion process obtained from the random walk under appropriate scaling limit.
Date: Friday, February 03, 2006
Time: 2:00PM
Where: Tech M416
Contact Person: Mary Catsicopoulos
Contact email: maryc@northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847/491-5586
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