Algebra Seminar

Title: Sum-product estimates and expanders
Speaker: Professor Alex Gamburd
Speaker Info: UC Santa Cruz
Brief Description:
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Using tools from additive combinatorics, in particular sum-product estimates, we prove that Cayley graphs of SL(2,p) are expanders with respect to the projection of any fixed elements in SL(2, Z) generating a non-elementary subgroup, and with respect to generators chosen at random in SL(2, p). Uniform spectral gap bounds for finitely generated subgroups of SU(2) will also be presented. This is joint work with Jean Bourgain.
Date: Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Time: 4:30pm
Where: Lunt 104
Contact Person: Prof. Matthew Emerton
Contact email: emerton@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-491-5544
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