Complex Geometry: A Conference Honoring Simon Donaldson

Title: Lecture 4. Discussion of the Kahler-Einstein problem, I
Speaker: Simon Donaldson
Speaker Info: Imperial College
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Special Note: Note Mon-Tue talks are off campus at Hotel Orrington

These two lectures will attempt to explain recent work, in part still in progress.

Tian’s example: the Mukai construction of a family of Fano 3-folds. Yau’s conjecture. Different approaches: variants of the continuity method.

Relevance of a “volume estimate” for the neighbourhood of the high curvature set in a Kahler-Einstein manifold. Application to a bound on the Chow number. Limits in Hilbert schemes.

Date: Monday, October 26, 2009
Time: 9:00am
Where: Hotel Orrington, James room
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