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Title: Solar Cell Modeling: Perspectives from Mathematics and Chemistry
Speaker: Chi-Wang Shu, Sirui Tan, Eric Polizzi, Ashraf Alam, Mark Lundstrom, Jon Servaites, Tobin Marks, and Mark Ratner
Speaker Info: Brown University Applied Mathematics, Univ. Massachusetts Elec. Comp. Eng., Purdue Univ. Elec. Comp. Eng., Northwestern Chemistry
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Special Note:

Organic solar cells will be discussed, with particular emphasis upon the science and modeling issues. Simulations, based upon a drift-diffusion model, will also be presented. A schedule is as follows: Tobin Marks: 8:30--9:15; Jon Servaites: 9:15--10; Chi-Wang Shu: 10--11; Discussion: 11--12; Mark Lundstrom: 1:00--1:45; Eric Polizzi: 1:45--2:30; Ashraf Alam: 2:30--3:15; Discussion: 3:15--4:15. This schedule is approximate. Questions are permitted during talks, and starting times will be affected accordingly.
Date: Monday, April 26, 2010
Time: 08:30 am
Where: Ryan Hall 4026
Contact Person: Joseph Jerome
Contact email: jwj@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-491-5575
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