Geometry/Physics Seminar

Title: Semi-Infinite Cycles in Floer Theory
Speaker: Max Lipyanskiy
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We will sketch a new foundation for Floer theories based on a version of infinite dimensional geometric homology rather than the traditional approach based on Morse theory. This allows one to avoid the technical transversality and gluing results that are necessary for the development of Morse-Floer theory. In addition, we are able to refine the usual Floer homology to Floer bordism. Some applications to Seiberg-Witten theory as well as Symplectic homology will be given.
Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Time: 4:00pm
Where: Lunt 107
Contact Person: Erik Carlsson
Contact email: carlsson@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 773-491-2321
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