Trends in Dynamics

Title: Toward a global view of dynamical systems for the C^1 topology
Speaker: Christian Bonatti
Speaker Info: University of Bourgogne
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* Recent results (from the last 15 years) lead to the feeling that one could devide the space of diffeomorphisms by using robust local phenomena (as the famous transverse homoclinic intersections descovered by Poincare and characterizing (that is a recent result) the chaotic dynamics) and global uniform and robust structures (as the hyperbolicity introduced by Anosov-Smale, partial hyperbolicity , filtrations, etc..) Structures avoid some local phenomenon: this devides the space of diffeomorphisms in disjoints open sets, whose union is (conjecturally) dense.

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011
Time: 11:20am-12:10pm
Where: Hardin Hall, Rebecca Crown Center, 633 Clark Street, Downstairs
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