Analysis Seminar

Title: Prescribed Ricci Flow on a Solid Torus
Speaker: Artem Pulemotov
Speaker Info: University of Chicago
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We will discuss the prescribed Ricci curvature equation $\mathrm{Ric}(G)=T$ on a solid torus $\mathcal T$ under natural boundary conditions. The unknown $G$ here is a Riemannian metric. The letter $T$ in the right-hand side denotes a (0,2)-tensor on $\mathcal T$. We will assume $T$ is nondegenerate (in fact, even a lighter assumption would suffice). Our goal will then be to settle the questions of the existence and the uniqueness of solutions in the class of rotationally symmetric Riemannian metrics on a neighborhood of the boundary of $\mathcal T$. \end{document}
Date: Monday, May 14, 2012
Time: 4:10pm
Where: Lunt 105
Contact Person: Prof. Jared Wunsch
Contact email: jwunsch@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-491-5580
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