Algebra Seminar

Title: Classification of Procesi bundles
Speaker: Ivan Loseu
Speaker Info: Northeastern University
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Procesi bundle is a vector bundle on the Hilbert scheme of n points on the plane. It was first constructed by Haiman who used it to prove the Schur positivity for Macdonald polynomials. This bundle also provides a derived McKay equivalence for the Hilbert scheme. I will basically take the latter for an axiomatic description of a Procesi bundle. I will show that there are exactly two bundles with these properties: Haiman's and its dual. Time permitting I will also discuss an extension of this results to other symplectic resolution and a relation between the Procesi bundles and the tautological bundle conjectured by Haiman. The proofs are based on the study of Symplectic reflection algebras.
Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Time: 2:00pm
Where: linguistics seminar room (2nd floor, 2016 sheridan)
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