Special Day on Complex Geometry and Analysis on real analytic Riemannian manifolds

Title: Adapted complex structures I
Speaker: László Lempert
Speaker Info: Purdue University
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Adapted complex structures, also known as Grauert tubes, first arose in the early 1990s in connection with the homogeneous complex Monge-Ampère equation, as complex structures on the tangent or cotangent bundle of a Riemannian manifold M (or on certain subsets of these bundles). They also arise in Lie theory, geometric quantization and in the study of semiclassical pseudodifferential operators.

Adapted complex structures can be viewed as complex structures on the phase space of M that are compatible with the natural symmetries of phase space, and this is the approach I will take in my lectures. I will discuss various definitions of these structures and their fundamental properties, such as existence, uniqueness, regularity; also the connection with the Monge-Ampère equation and with curvature estimates for the metric of M.

Date: Saturday, February 21, 2015
Time: 09:30am
Where: Swift 107
Contact Person: Valentino Tosatti
Contact email: tosatti@math.northwestern.edu
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