Topology Seminar

Title: Rational homology of configuration spaces via factorization homology
Speaker: Ben Knudsen
Speaker Info: Northwestern University
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The study of configuration spaces is particularly tractable over a field of characteristic zero, and there has been great success over the years in producing complexes simple enough for explicit computations, formulas for Betti numbers, and descriptive results. I will discuss recent work identifying the rational homology of the configuration spaces of an arbitrary manifold with the homology of a Lie algebra constructed from its cohomology. The aforementioned results follow immediately from this identification, albeit with hypotheses removed; in particular, one obtains a new, elementary proof of homological stability for configuration spaces.
Date: Monday, February 02, 2015
Time: 4:10pm
Where: Lunt 104
Contact Person: Prof. Paul Goerss
Contact email: pgoerss@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-491-8544
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