Geometry/Physics Seminar

Title: Derived symplectic geometry and AKSZ topological field theories
Speaker: Claudia Scheimbauer
Speaker Info: MPIM-Bonn
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Derived algebraic geometry and derived symplectic geometry in the sense of Pantev-Toen-Vaquié-Vezzosi allows for a reinterpretation/analog of the classical AKSZ construction for certain $\sigma$-models. After recalling this procedure I will explain how it can be extended to give a fully extended oriented TFT in the sense of Lurie with values in a higher category whose objects are $n$-shifted symplectic derived stacks and (higher) morphisms are (higher) Lagrangian correspondences. It is given by taking mapping stacks with a fixed target and describes ``semi-classical TFTs". This is joint work in progress with Damien Calaque and Rune Haugseng.
Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Time: 4:10pm
Where: Lunt 107
Contact Person: Theo Johnson-Freyd
Contact email: theojf@math.northwestern.edu
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