Analysis Seminar

Title: Rigidity of the one-component plasma in 2D
Speaker: Roland Bauerschmidt
Speaker Info: Harvard University
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The one-component plasma is a Coulomb gas of N equal negatively charged particles (in the continuum) confined by a potential. In two dimensions, for a special temperature, it is integrable as a determinantal point process, and the system can be understood is much detail. However, for generic temperatures, our understanding is rather limited, and even basic properties of its behaviour are not even understood heuristically. I will discuss a proof that its fluctuations are rigid (much smaller than for a Poisson process), at any temperatures.

This is joint work with Paul Bourgade, Miika Nikula, and Horng-Tzer Yau.

Date: Monday, May 02, 2016
Time: 4:10pm
Where: Lunt 105
Contact Person: Qiang Zeng
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