Number Theory

Title: Deformations and parabolic induction
Speaker: Claus Sorensen
Speaker Info: University of California, San Diego
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One of the characteristics of the p-adic local Langlands correspondence is that it relates deformations of Galois representations to those of mod p representations of GL(2) over Q_p. For a general p-adic reductive group G the deformations of its mod p representations are not very well understood. Often the universal deformation ring exists as a pseudocompact ring, but it is not known to be Noetherian in general. In this talk we will present some modest steps towards a better understanding of these rings. For instance, that they are insensitive to parabolic induction. In view of the recent classification of Abe, Herzig, Henniart, and Vigneras, this reduces many questions (such as Noetheriannity) to the case of supersingulars. Our main result is an application of Hauseux's computation of Emerton's higher ordinary parts for parabolically induced representations. This is joint work with Julien Hauseux and Tobias Schmidt.
Date: Monday, November 07, 2016
Time: 4:00PM
Where: Lunt 107
Contact Person: Yifeng Liu
Contact email: liuyf@math.northwestern.edu
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