Geometry/Physics Seminar

Title: Topological Fukaya category of Riemann surfaces
Speaker: Haniya Azam
Speaker Info: Lahore University of Management Sciences
Brief Description: Research Talk
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Meeting ID: 922-4351-6463

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Abstract: Introduced by Fukaya in his work on Morse theory, A-infinity categories and Floer homology, the Fukaya category constitutes one side of the homological mirror symmetry conjecture of Kontsevich. In this talk, I will present a topological variant of Floer homology and the Fukaya category of a Riemann surface of genus greater than one. We will introduce an admissibility condition borrowed from Heegard Floer theory which ensures invariance under isotopy and finiteness and compute the Grothendieck group of the derived Fukaya category in this setup. If time permits, we will also discuss the induced action of the Mapping class group on the topological Fukaya category. This talk is based on joint work with Christian Blanchet.

Date: Thursday, June 11, 2020
Time: 2:00pm
Where: Meeting ID: 922-4351-6463
Contact Person: Bahar Acu
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