Noncommutative Geometry

Title: Hochschild homology in positive characteristic, II
Speaker: Ben Antieau
Speaker Info: UIC
Brief Description:
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Abstract: In this series of talks, I will discuss work from three joint projects, with Vezzosi, with Bragg, and with Bhatt and Mathew, on Hochschild homology in characteristic p. Together these give a sense of when the Hochschild—Kostant—Rosenberg theorem is true in low dimension and what counterexamples in high dimensions. Along the way, we will also touch on the de Rham filtration on periodic cyclic homology as well as the filtration arising from the t-structure on cyclotomic structure, which is joint work with Nikolaus.
Date: Wednesday , May 20, 2020
Time: 3:15pm
Contact Person: Boris Tsygan
Contact email: b-tsygan@northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 8473161969
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