Topology Seminar

Title: Algebraicity results in stable homotopy theory
Speaker: Piotr Pstragowski
Speaker Info: Harvard University
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To algebraic topologists, one of the favourite things in the world is to reduce topological questions to ones involving only algebra by the use of invariants. Arguably the most successful of these invariants, such as singular homology or complex bordism, have a structure of what we call a homology theory.

In 1996, Jens Franke conjectured that any stable homotopy theory related via a homology theory to a particularly simple kind of an abelian category, is itself particularly simple in the sense that it admits an algebraic description of its homotopy category. In this talk, I'll give a historic overview of some algebraicity results in homotopy theory, and discuss recent joint work with Patchkoria, in which we prove Franke's conjecture.

Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020
Time: 4:10pm
Where: Join topology listserv for zoom link, or email Eva Belmont
Contact Person: Eva Belmont
Contact email: ebelmont@northwestern.edu
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