Topology Seminar

Title: Filtrations of iterated loop spaces and operadic cell structures
Speaker: Inbar Klang
Speaker Info: Columbia University
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This talk will begin with an overview of a filtration of iterated loop spaces due to May and Milgram, which uses a configuration space model for these spaces. I will then talk about operadic cell structures, and discuss joint work with Alexander Kupers and Jeremy Miller, in which we lift the May--Milgram filtration to an E_k-cellular filtration, where E_k is the little k-cubes operad.
Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2021
Time: 4:00pm
Where: Join topology listserv or contact Eva Belmont for zoom link
Contact Person: Eva Belmont
Contact email: ebelmont@northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-467-1634
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