Special Seminar

Title: Northwestern, Notre-Dame, UIC Complex Geometry Seminar: Families of Kahler-Einstein metrics
Speaker: Eleanora Di Nezza
Speaker Info: Ecole Polytechnique
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In a lot of geometric situations we need to work with families of varieties. In this talk we focus on families of singular Kähler-Einstein metric. In particular we study the case of a family of Kähler varieties and we develop the first steps of pluripotential theory in family, which will allow us to have a control on the C^0 estimate when the complex structure varies. This type of result will be applied in different geometric contexts. This is a joint work with V. Guedj and H. Guenancia.
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Time: 9:00am
Where: See: https://sites.google.com/uic.edu/complex-geometry-seminar
Contact Person: Ben Weinkove
Contact email: weinkove@math.northwestern.edu
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