Geometry/Physics Seminar

Title: Special Holonomy Metrics, Degenerate Limits and Nilmanifold Fibrations
Speaker: Chris Hull
Speaker Info: Imperial College London
Brief Description: Virtual (Zoom) Talk
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Meeting ID: 916 7431 9341

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Abstract: This talk explores a construction of metrics for K3 and generalisations to higher dimensional special holonomy manifolds. The starting point is a degenerate limit of K3 recently constructed by Hein, Sun, Viaclovsky and Zhang, with a long neck that can be thought of as a 3-dimensional nilmanifold fibred over a line, with gravitational instanton insertions. Special holonomy generalisations of this neck region that are given by higher dimensional nilmanifolds fibred over a line will be discussed. They are dual to intersecting brane solutions, and this relation leads to more general solutions. The possibility of these arising as part of a degenerate limit of a compact special holonomy space will be considered, and applications will be explored.

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021
Time: 1:00pm
Where: Meeting ID: 916 7431 9341
Contact Person: Dogancan Karabas
Contact email: dogancan.karabas@northwestern.edu
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