Analysis Seminar

Title: Almost global existence for 3-d systems of nonlinear wave equations
Speaker: Jason Metcalfe
Speaker Info: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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In this joint work with Taylor Rhoads, we combine a space-time Klainerman-Sobolev estimate with an adaptation of Dafermos and Rodnianski’s $r^p$-weighted local energy estimate to establish almost global existence for quasilinear wave equations with small initial data. The nonlinearity $Q(u,\partial u, \partial^2 u)$, which vanishes to second order, is permitted to depend on the solution, not just its derivatives. And we assume $(\partial_u^2 Q)(0,0,0)=0$. The almost global result that is obtained is an analog of that proved by Lindblad for scalar equations.
Date: Monday, June 14, 2021
Time: 4:10pm
Where: Zoom link TBA (contact organizer)
Contact Person: Katrina Morgan
Contact email: katrina.morgan@northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 301-792-2372
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