Causeway Seminar

Title: A Journey Through the World of Groupoids
Speaker: Santiago Cañez
Speaker Info: Northwestern University
Brief Description:
Special Note: Attendance limited to Causeway participants, organizers, and guests.

Groupoids are objects which put the notions of “group” and “space” on an equal footing, and provide a very general way of studying symmetries and quotients. We’ll take a tour through the basics of the theory of groupoids, and how I came to love and appreciate them. Along the way you’ll hear about mediocre grades, bad and good teachers, and the problem of determining how many finite sets there *really* are. (Spoiler alert: the answer, of course, is e.)
Date: Monday, October 11, 2021
Time: 4:00pm
Where: Tech L251
Contact Person: Prof. John Alongi
Contact email: jalongi@northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: (847) 467-1874
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