Probability Seminar

Title: Cooperative motion random walks
Speaker: Erin Beckham
Speaker Info: Concordia University
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Cooperative motion random walks form a family of random walks where each step is dependent upon the distribution of the walk itself. Movement is promoted at locations of high probability and dampened in locations of low probability. These processes are a generalization of the hipster random walk introduced by Addario-Berry et. al. in 2020. We study the process through a recursive equation satisfied by its CDF, allowing the evolution of the walk to be related to a finite difference scheme. I will discuss this relationship and how PDEs can be used to describe the distributional convergence of both asymmetric and symmetric cooperative motion. This talk is based on joint work with Louigi Addario-Berry and Jessica Lin.
Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Time: 4:00PM
Where: https://northwestern.zoom.us/j/907400031
Contact Person: Antonio Auffinger
Contact email: tuca@northwestern.edu
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