Number Theory

Title: A prismatic approach to Fontaine's C_crys conjecture
Speaker: Haoyang Guo
Speaker Info: MPI Bonn
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Given a smooth proper scheme over a p-adic ring of integers, Fontaine's C_crys conjecture states that the \'etale cohomology of its generic fiber is isomorphic to the crystalline cohomology of its special fiber, after base changing them to the crystalline period ring. In this talk, we give a prismatic proof of the conjecture, for general coefficients, in the relative setting, and allowing ramified base rings. This is a joint work with Emanuel Reinecke.
Date: Tuesday, November 08, 2022
Time: 11:00am
Where: M120
Contact Person: Bao Le Hung
Contact email: lhvietbao@math.northwestern.edu
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