Interdisciplinary Seminar in Nonlinear Science

Title: Instabilities in Open Flow Chemical Systems
Speaker: Dr. Peter Andresen
Speaker Info: Northwestern U.
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Chemical systems involving activator-inhibitor kinetics may exhibit Hopf and Turing bifurcations. When a flow is present such systems may furthermore exhibit the differential flow induced chemical instability (DIFICI). We study the effect of a plug flow on the intrinsic pattern forming instabilies, with particular emphasis on the effect of various types of perturbations at the inlet boundary. The system may thus act as a nonlinear filter or exhibit a nex class of stationary space-periodic structures due to a constant displacement away from the homogeneous steady state at the inlet.
Date: Friday, May 19, 2000
Time: 2:00pm
Where: Tech M416
Contact Person: Prof. Riecke
Contact email: h-riecke@nwu.edu
Contact Phone: 847-491-8316
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