Algebra Seminar

Title: Connections with a small parameter on a curve
Speaker: Dmirty Arinkin
Speaker Info: Harvard University and University of Chicago
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We consider the problem of formal classification of $\lambda$-connections ("differential operators of the form $\lambda\frac{d}{dx}+f(x)$") on a curve when $\lambda$ is small. If $\lambda=0$, $\lambda$-connections are just Higgs bundles, and so they can be classified using spectral covers. Thus we get an explicit description of the moduli space of Higgs bundles (Hitchin fibration). In this talk, we explain how to adapt this construction to connections with a small parameter, assuming some generic position conditions.
Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2001
Time: 4:00pm
Where: Lunt 104
Contact Person: Misha Grinberg
Contact email: grinberg@math.northwestern.edu
Contact Phone: 847-491-5567
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