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Contributed Sessions

  • SPDE. Organized by Raluca Balan (University of Ottawa, Canada).
    • Le Chen (University of Nevada, USA),
    • Fei Pu (University of Utah, USA),
    • Luis Quer-Saranyons (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain),
    • Guangqu Zheng (University of Kansas, USA).
  • Biological and Statistical Applications of Branching Processes. Organized by Anand Vidyashankar (George Mason University, USA).
    • Maroussia Bojkova (Sofia University, Bulgaria),
    • Cristina Gutierrez Pérez (Universidad de Extremadura, Spain),
    • Olivier Hyrien (ENS, France).
  • Stochastic Population Models. Organized by Jason Schweinsberg (UC San Diego, USA).
    • Maite Wilke Berenguer (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany),
    • Sebastien Roch (University of Wisconsin, USA),
    • Verónica Miró Pina (UNAM, Mexico),
    • Dang Nguyen (University of Alabama, USA).
  • Inference for stochastic processes. Organized by Soukaina Doussi (University Cadi Ayyad, Morocco).
    • Igor Cialenco (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)
    • Konstantinos Spillopoulos (Boston University, USA)
    • Soukaina Douissi (University Cadi Ayyad, Morocco),
    • Fatimah Alshahrani (Michigan State University).
  • Interacting systems in statistical mechanics. Organized by Benedikt Jahnel (WIAS, Germany) and Christof Külske (Ruhr Universität, Germany).
    • Pierre Houdebert (Universität Potsdam, Germany),
    • Arnaud Le Ny (Université Paris-Est, France),
    • Christof Külske (Ruhr Universität, Germany),
    • Benedikt Jahnel (WIAS, Germany).
  • Random Matrices. Organized by Sean O’Rourke (UC Boulder, USA).
    • Indrajit Jana (Temple University, USA),
    • Hoi Nguyen (Ohio State University, USA),
    • Tom Trogdon (University of California, Irvine).
  • Dynamics of SPDE. Organized by Jinqiao Duan (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA).
    • Jinqiao Duan (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA),
    • Jing Wang (Purdue University, USA).

Submission of Abstracts and proposals for contributed sessions, contributed talks are welcome,

The organizers encourage early submissions to leave the accepted speakers plenty of time to make travel and funding arrangements.

Instructions on how to submit a contributed 15-minute talk or session:

If you plan to organize a contributed session which consists of three or four 15 minute talks, a contributed session proposal should be sent to the scientific committee at before May 1st, 2019. The session proposal should include:
  • the name, affiliations and contact information of the organizer,
  • a brief presentation of the topic and scope (up to one page),
  • a preliminary list of four expected speakers from at least two different countries, including affiliation, email, country and gender of each.

If you plan to give a contributed talk of 15 minutes, send a CV, title, and abstract of your talk to the scientific committee at

The submissions will be assessed on a regular basis. Due to schedule constraints, the number of contributed talks is limited. Accepted contributed talks will be grouped into additional contributed sessions after the submission deadline and the speakers will be notified shortly afterwards. ------!>