Midwest Dynamical System Seminar
March 30-April 1, 2001
Northwestern University

Friday March 30, Annenberg G15

3:00Jim Murdock, Iowa State University
"Nilpotent normal forms: finding the equivariants from the invariants"
4:30Morris Hirsch
"Finite orbits and fixed points for solvable groups of surface homeomorphisms" (Mathematics Department Colloquium)

Saturday March 31, Harris 107

9:00 Hank Kurland, SUNY, Albany
"Saddle connections in terms of bordism classes of local unstable manifolds"
10:15 Suzanne Hruska, Cornell University
"Hyperbolicity in the Complex Henon Family"
11:30 Jim Wiseman, Northwestern University
"Sofic shifts and the Conley index"
2:00 Kuo-Chang Chen, University of Minnesota
"Variational methods and periodic solutions of the Newtonian N-body problem"
3:00 Lennard Bakker, Brigham Young University
"Representations of group invariants of the conjugacy class of a flow"
4:30 Gabriel Paternain, CIMAT and Cambridge University
"Minimal entropy and collapsing with curvature bounded from below"
7:00 Party (There is a $10 charge: sign up on Friday March 30th.)

Sunday April 1, Harris 107

9:00 Piotr Zgliczynski, Indiana University
"How to study of the dynamics of dissipative PDE's"
10:15 Diego Benardete, University of Hartford
"The Poincare map and bifurcations of a periodically harvested logistic equation"
11:30Donald Saari, University of California, Irvine
"Is Chaotic Dynamics Partially Responsible for Chaotic Election Outcomes?"