Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar
Northwestern University
October 21 - 23, 2005
Lecture Schedule
October 21, Annenberg G15
3:00-4:00 Hua Zhang, Northwestern University
A C^r Closing Lemma for a Class of Symplectic Diffeomorphisms
4:00-4:30 Break
4:30-5:30 James Selgrade, North Carolina State University
Attractors for periodic, discrete dynamical systems and applications to models in population biology
Saturday October 22, Technological Institute, Lecture Room 5
8:30-9:00Coffee and refreshments
9:00-9:50 Predrag Punosevac, University of Arizona
Regularization of Simultaneous Binary Collisions in Some Gravitational Systems
10:00-10:50 Yitwah Cheung, San Francisco State University
A genus 2 characterisation of translation surfaces having the lattice property
10:50-11:15 Break
11:15-12:15 Jaroslaw Kwapisz, Montana State University
Geometric Coincidence Conjecture for Pisot Tilings
12:15-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:00 Slobodan Simic, San Jose State University
Proof of Verjovsky's conjecture for volume preserving Anosov flows
3:10-4:10 Nikos Frantzikinakis , Penn State University
Multiple ergodic averages and combinatorics
4:10-4:40 Break
4:40-5:40 Laura DeMarco, University of Chicago
Degeneration of rational functions
Sunday October 23, Annenberg G15
8:30-9:00Coffee and refreshments
9:00-9:50 Anne McCarthy, Northwestern University
Rigidity for solvable groups acting on the circle
10:00-10:50 Ayse Sahin, DePaul University
Directional Entropy, Rank One and Even Kakutani Equivalence for Z^d Actions
11:15-12:15 Christian Bonatti, Universite de Bourgogne
Existence of homoclinic intersections