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About Me

Welcome to my home page! I am a postdoctoral lecturer at Northwestern University in beautiful Evanston, Illinois. In keeping with tradition, here is a picture of me outdoors in Pioneer Plaza of Dallas, Texas.

This is as good a place as any to rant about how the standard black letters on a white background makes sense in the physical context of ink on paper, but causes eye strain on a backlit computer screen. The QWERTY keyboard was designed to prevent jamming of mechanical typewriters, which means our most frequently typed keys are far apart, which is absurd. But try to find a DVORAK keyboard out in the world. Dang kids are all on phone touch screens anyways so it doesn't matter, and with that, I have achieved 100% get off my lawn status.

I worked with Bob Devaney at Boston University. I have globbed onto the dynamics group at Northwestern.

My email is change at northwestern dot edu. As they say, Be the Chang, E that you want to see in the world.

My office is Locy 204.