Eva Belmont

Northwestern University
Department of Mathematics
Office: Lunt B5
Email:   ekbelmont at gmail dot com

I am a Boas Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. My main research interests are in stable homotopy theory. I completed my doctoral work at MIT in 2018 under the supervision of Haynes Miller. I received my B.A. from Harvard, and Master's from Cambridge University ("Part III").


My current research focuses on computational aspects of stable homotopy theory and motivic homotopy theory. In particular, my thesis work represents progress towards computing the $b_{10}$-periodic part of the Adams $E_2$ page for the sphere at $p = 3$. Here are links to my research statement and slides from an AMS sectional meeting talk.


Expository Writing


Class Notes

For the past few years I have been live-TeXing many of the math courses and seminars I attend. Here are some of the notes. (This is not an exhaustive list; if you're interested in something else you think I might have notes for, feel free to ask me via email.)

Seminars and workshops

MIT courses (taken as a graduate student)

Cambridge (Part III), 2012-2013

Harvard (some courses I took as an undergraduate)

Undergraduate research