Math 381

Office Hours: Monday  3--4, Wednesday 1--2 and by appointment. My office is Lunt 204.

Class schedule: Click on the link for a tentative schedule of the topics to be covered.

Discussion: The weekly discussion section meets Thursdays from 12 to 1 in Tech LG66. The TA is Piotr Pstragowski.

Exams: The final exam is scheduled for

Thursday, December 7, 12 -- 2 PM

Please note that this time is set by the university and cannot be changed. The final will cover all of the course material. There will also be two exams given in the discussion section.

Homework: Click on the link for a list of homework problems. Please write up your solutions carefully, making sure to explain all of your reasoning. You may discuss the problems with one another, but please write up your solutions individually. Homework is due every Monday in class, except as noted. Late homework will not be accepted.

Grading: Your grade will be determined as follows:

Final:  35%
Two exams: 25%  each
Homework: 15%


Any student requesting accommodations related to a disability or other condition is required to register with AccessibleNU (847-467-5530) and provide professors with an accommodation notification from AccessibleNU, preferably within the first two weeks of class. All information will remain confidential.