Christian Gorski's Homepage

I am a PhD student at Northwestern University. I was previously an undergraduate student at University of Notre Dame.

Email: christiangorski2022 [AT] u [DOT] northwestern [DOT] edu
Address: Locy Hall 206A/B, 1850 Campus Dr, Evanston, IL 60208-2370, USA.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in probability and statistical physics, and especially its interactions with other areas such as (geometric) group theory, coarse geometry, ergodic theory, and combinatorics. My current research is in first passage percolation on exotic graphs.

Actually, my interests are much broader, although the above is my current research focus. As a general rule, I am most excited when different areas of math interact. Some subjects that I am interested in in themselves include mathematical biology, condensed matter physics, many-player game theory, generally emergent behavior and phase transitions in complex systems; computer science, complexity theory, combinatorial optimization; group theory, additive combinatorics; rigidity phenomena, stability and testability (i.e. suppose that an object "almost" has some mathematical structure; is it "close" to an object that genuinely has that structure?). I am especially interested in applying the tools of probability theory, dynamics, metric geometry, coarse geometry and topology, combinatorics, analysis, representation theory, and operator algebras to the above areas. I certainly cannot claim expertise in all of the areas mentioned above, but I can claim enthusiasm (and many of the above areas I have done a fair amount of reading into)---I am always very open to conversations about ideas in any of these arenas!

Publications & Preprints

  1. Gorski, Christian. Strict monotonicity for first passage percolation on graphs of polynomial growth and quasi-trees, 2022. Submitted to Annals of Probability. arXiv
  2. Auffinger, Antonio and Gorski, Christian. Asymptotic shapes for stationary first passage percolation on virtually nilpotent groups, 2021. To appear in Probability Theory and Related Fields. arXiv


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