The 60th Midwest PDE Seminar


November 17-18, 2007

All lectures will be 45 minutes. The conference will take place in
Lunt Hall 105 of Department of Mathematics, 2033 Sheridan Road, Evanston.
For more details about the location, please see Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University.

 November 17, 2007

 9:30am-9:50am: Coffeee & Tea (Common Room on the Second Floor of Lunt Hall)

 9:50-10:00:  Open Remarks and Announcements

 10:00-10:45: Sergiu Klainerman
              Uniqueness of Solutions for Gross-Pitaewski Hierarchy

 10:50-11:10:  Coffee & Tea

 11:10-11:55: Carlos Kenig  
              The Concentration Compactness/Rigidity Method for Critical Dispersive and Wave Equations  

 12:00-1:30: Lunch 

 1:30-2:15:  Henri Berestycki
             Generalized Traveling Fronts Passing an Obstacle

 2:20-3:05:  Maria Schonbek 
             Poincare's Inequality and Diffusive Evolution Equations

 3:10-3:40: Coffee & Tea  

 3:40-4:25:  Irene Gamba
             Propagation of Sharp Estimates for Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation

 4:30-5:15:  Mikhail Feldman 
             Existence and Regularity of Solutions to Regular Shock Reflection Problem


 6:30pm:  Dinner Party at China Town Restaurant,6121 Dempster St.,Morton Grove,IL 60053, Phone: 847-967-8992, 847-967-8822


 November 18, 2007

 8:40am-9:00am: Coffeee & Tea (Common Room on the Second Floor of Lunt Hall)

 9:00-9:45:  Luis Caffarelli     
             Fully Nonlinear Equations with Integral Diffusions

 9:50-10:35: Roman Shvydkoy 
             Locality of Energy Transfer and Its Consequences  

 10:40-11:10:  Coffee & Tea

 11:10-11:55: Marshall Slemrod
              Steady Transonic Flow  

 12:00-1:30: Lunch 

 1:30-2:15:  Tai-Ping Liu
             Problems in Kinetic Theory

 2:20-3:05:  Jeff Viaclovsky 
             Orthogonal Complex Structures on Domains in R^4

 3:10-3:40: Coffee & Tea  

 3:40-4:25:  Peter Constantin
             On the Inviscid Limit

 4:45pm:  End of the Conference