Gus Schrader

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Northwestern University. I was previously a Ritt Assistant Professor at Columbia, and before that I received my PhD from UC Berkeley, where my advisor was Nicolai Reshetikhin. Here is a copy of my CV.

How to contact me:

My email address is gus.schrader[at]northwestern[dot]edu

My office is 225 Lunt Hall.


I work on problems involving quantum groups, higher Teichmuller theory, cluster algebras and integrable systems.

Here are some links to my papers on the arXiv:

  • The Chromatic Lagrangian: wavefunctions and open Gromov-Witten conjectures (draft version; joint with Linhui Shen and Eric Zaslow.)

  • Quantum decorated character stacks (joint with David Jordan, Ian Le and Alexander Shapiro.)

  • K-theoretic Coulomb branches of quiver gauge theories and cluster varieties (joint with Alexander Shapiro.)

  • Superintegrability of generalized Toda models on symmetric spaces (joint with Nicolai Reshetikhin.)

  • On b-Whittaker functions (joint with Alexander Shapiro.)

  • Continuous tensor categories from quantum groups I: algebraic aspects (joint with Alexander Shapiro.)

  • A cluster realization of the R-matrix from quantum character varieties (joint with Alexander Shapiro.)

  • Quantum groups, quantum tori, and the Grothendieck-Springer resolution (joint with Alexander Shapiro.)

  • Dual pairs of quantum moment maps and doubles of Hopf algebras (joint with Alexander Shapiro.)

  • Algebraic integrability of the classical XXZ spin chain with reflecting boundary conditions

  • Integrable systems from the classical reflection equation

  • The Universal Kummer Threefold (joint with Qingchun Ren, Steven Sam and Bernd Sturmfels.)

  • XXZ Scalar Products, Miwa Variables and Discrete KP (joint with Omar Foda.)

    Lecture Slides:

    Here are the slides from some talks I have given:

  • Cluster structure of the quantum Coxeter-Toda system, Cluster Algebras and Mathematical Physics, Michigan State University, May 10 2018.

  • Quantum total positivity and continuous tensor categories, ZMP Colloquium, November 16 2017.

  • Towards a modular functor from quantum higher Teichmuller theory, Berkeley-Tokyo Workshop on Quantum Field Theory and Subfactors, November 2016.

  • Cutting and gluing in quantum higher Teichmuller theory, Gone Fishing, Notre Dame, May 2017.


    In Fall 2013 at Berkeley, Alexander Shapiro and I co-organized a seminar on integrable systems. Here is a link to the seminar website, where you can find lecture notes from some of the talks.

    Student integrable systems seminar, Fall 2013

    Other stuff:

    Here are some other things that I have written:

    A term paper on Fay's Trisecant Identity, written for Bernd Sturmfels' Fall 2011 Math 255 class at Berkeley;


    Slides for the accompanying talk

    My undergrad thesis "Classical integrable systems and linear flows on tori", written under the supervision of Omar Foda.

    An article by Jerry Koliha, Sam Chow and me in the AustMS Gazette on some weird (?) facts about the Lebesgue measure of the boundary of a set.