Assistant Professor - Northwestern University (2013 - )

Charge de recherche - CNRS (2013 - 2014)

Assistant Professor - Vanderbilt University (2012 - 2013)

Member of Ergodic and Geometric Group Theory Chair - EPFL, Switzerland (2011 - 2013)


PhD - Texas A&M University College Station - Scientific advisor: Gilles Pisier (2011)

Awards and honors:

Kamil Duszenko Prize in Mathematics, by Wroclaw Mathematics Foundation and Polish Academy of Science (2016)

CAREER National Science Foundation Award (2014-2019)

AMS Centennial Fellow, announced in AMS Notices, June 2014
(the financial support was declined on a base of incompatibility with NSF CAREER award)

N. Bourbaki seminar on my work by Yves de Cornulier (Jan 2013)

Grants and fellowships:

National Science Foundation, PI for the grant DMS-1300174 (2013-2016)

American women in mathematics society, travel grant (Oct 2012)

Fellow of the Mittag-Leffler Institute, Sweden (Spring 2012)

Junior Oberwolfach Fellow (2011, 2012, 2013)

Fellow of the Swedish Research Council (2009-2011)

Conference organization:

American Institute of Mathematics workshop, September 2016. Co-organized jointly with Tatiana Nagnibeda and Volodia Nekrashevych

Manifolds and groups, Ventotene, Italy. Co-organizer with Stefano Francaviglia, Roberto Frigerio, Alessandra Iozzi, Gabriele Mondello, Michah Sageev (7 - 12 Sept 2015)

Growth, Symbolic Dynamics and Combinatorics of Words in Groups, ENS Paris, France. Co-organizer with Anna Erschler, Elisabeth Fink and Harald Helfgott, (1 - 5 June 2015)

Arithmetic and allied subjects on the banks of the Neva, St. Petersbourg, Russia. Co-organizer with Harald Helfgott, (24 - 28 Nov 2014)

Professional Service:

Member of the Scientific Board of American Institute of Mathematics (2016--)
Member of the Scientific Committee of the annual conference "Young Geometric Group Theory" (2013)
Committees at Northwestern: Colloquium Committee (2013), Graduate Student Committee (2015, 2016), Coaching Northwestern's Team for the Putnam competition (2014, 2015, 2016)
Served on several panels at National Science Foundation (2013, 2014)

Refereed for the journals: Annals of Mathematics, Geometric and Functional Analysis, American Journal of Mathematics, Journal of Functional Analysis, Transactions of AMS, Israel Journal of Mathematics, Advances of Mathematics, Journal of Algebra, Linear Algebra and Applications, Groups Geometry and Dynamics, Electronic Research Announcements, Journal of London Mathematical Society, Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Proceedings of American Mathematical Society, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, Math. Reviews

Long term visiting positions and programs:

Bernoulli Center, Lausanne, Switzerland (August 2015)
Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel (May 2015)
Bar Ilan, Tel Aviv, Israel (September 2014)
Technion, Haifa, Israel (July 2013)
Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (June 2013)
Geometric and analytic group theory program at Mittag-Leffler Institute (Spring 2012)
Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (June 2012)
Von Neumann algebras and ergodic theory of group actions, IHP, Paris (April-July 2011)
Metric geometry, algorithms and groups, IHP, Paris (Jan-April 2011)
Vanderbilt University, TN, USA (Feb 2011)
University of Paris 6, Paris, France (Spring 2009)
Universite de Franche-comte, Besancon, France (June 2009)
University of Paris 6, Paris, France (Spring 2008)
Universitat Leipzig, Mathematisches Institut, Leipzig, Germany (Jan 2008)
University of Lincoln, NE, USA (Nov 2007)
University of Houston, TX, USA (Sept-Oct 2007)