Spring school on analysis on groups and measured group theory

3 - 7 April at Northwestern University


Organized by Nir Avni, Yair Hartman, Kate Juschenko

Mini-courses by Uri Bader, David Fisher, Alex Furman, Yair Glasner, Jesse Peterson

Speakers: Miklos Abert, Michael Björklund, Lewis Bowen, Van Cyr, Alex Gamburd, Talia Fernos, Tsachik Gelander, Gili Golan, Ben Hayes, Mehrdad Kalantar, Masato Mimura, Omer Tamuz, Robin Tucker-Drob, Phillip Wesolek.

ABOUT THE SCHOOL: The aim of the school is to gather graduate students and specialists in measured, analytic and geometric group theory. We plan to have several mini-courses, regular talks and poster session. The large part of the 50-min talks will be devoted to an overview of the subject. We will run a problem session each even day of the school.

Full or partial financial support is available for graduate students and postdocs participants. In order to obtain the support please register on the registration page. The deadline for registration for the support is 25th January 2017.

Sponsored by NSF CAREER grant DMS 1352173, PI: Kate Juschenko