Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University
301 Lunt Hall

I am a Boas Assistant Professor at the math department at Northwestern. I study number theory, with interests that tend to lie more on the automorphic forms side of things. I am particularly interested in the relative trace formula and the local problems that arise in its applications.

Curriculum Vitae


Last updated: September 2015



I am teaching Section 61 of Math 224 (Integral Calculus) during the Fall 2017 quarter. My office hours (in Lunt B26) are from 2pm until 3pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays or by appointment. The class syllabus is available here. More details are available at Canvas.
I am also teaching a graduate topics class, MATH 484-2, on the trace formula and applications to number theory. Lecture notes are available here, and homework is available here.

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