Feedback for CS 310, Winter 2001, Lerma

At the end of the quarter you will be asked to fill out a Course and Teacher Evaluation, but what use will it have if I learn the results when it is too late? Do you have any suggestions, criticism, praise? Do not wait until the end of the quarter, tell me now.

Please, type your comments in the areas below and click "Submit". You may (and I recommend you to) remain anonymous.

Do not use this for anything requiring immediate attention, since I will consult the feedback data only once in a while. If you have anything urgent to tell me, emailme instead.

  1. What is the instructor doing right?

  2. What is the instructor doing wrong?

  3. What can he do for improving it?

  4. How is the TA doing?

  5. Other comments about this course, the instruction, etc.: