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Posting Guidelines

The MathPSG emailing list is moderated. Postings sent to the list will not be automatically forwarded to its members, they must await approval by the moderator. These are the posting guidelines.

  1. The topic must be consistent with the goals and activities of the Northwestern University Math Problem Solving Group.
  2. When posting a solution (or hint, or suggestion...) concerning a new problem, include a statement of the problem - not just a reference.
  3. Give others a chance to participate and learn. Don't just send a final complete solution to a problem. If you have a solution, announce it and send first some hints on how you arrived to it, inviting others to work the problem by themselves. If you send a partial or complete solution it is a good idea to add some narrative illustrating your thoughts while working on the problem, so that others can take advantage of your learning experience.
  4. Postings must be carefully written and easy to read. Although linguistic limitations are understandable and expected, try to use complete sentences written in correct English and check your messages for spelling mistakes.
  5. Write your messages in plain text (e.g. no html formatting) and without attachments. If the solution to a problem cannot be easily expressed using plain text then two possible solutions are:

These are some recommendations and examples about how to write mathematical formulas in plain text:

Other conventions like TeX, Maple, Mathematica, etc., are also acceptable; e.g.:

 lim_{n \to \infty} 1/n = 0

(but keep in mind that some readers may not be familiar with them.)


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