Math 514-2, D-modules in birational geometry

Instructor: Mihnea Popa

Mihnea Popa
Office: Lunt 226
Tel: 847-491-5576
  • Meeting times: MWF 12-12:50, Lunt 103 (when regular classes start again)
  • Office hours: M 3-4pm and by appointment (same)
  • References: For parts of the course related to the basic theory of D-modules I will continue to use the textbook "D-modules, perverse sheaves, and represenatation theory" by R. Hotta, K. Takeuchi and T. Tanisaki. I will also use R. Lazarsfeld's "Positivity in algebraic geometry" for topics in birational geometry, like multiplier ideals. A few papers by M. Kashiwara, B. Lichtin, M. Saito, etc, that I will mention in class, will be discussed as well, and we will make use of M. Saito's "Modules de Hodge polarisables", and C. Sabbah and C. Schnell's "MHM project".
Brief course description: Here are some of the new topics that we will discuss this quarter: Lichtin's theorem on the roots of the Bernstein-Sato polynomial, minimal exponents, Hodge filtration and its interaction with the V-filtration, rudiments of Hodge modules, Hodge ideals. Notes will be posted regularly.